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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Scattered Maple Leaves, a Giveaway, and NTT!

Welcome to another Needle and Thread Thursday!  I'm opening up the party early, because today is my day on the Feels Like Fall blog hop for Benartex's blog, Sew in Love With Fabric, and I thought it would be fun to combine it into one post, rather than post again tonight. 

Last week's NTT had a sneak peek, but I'm so glad that I can finally reveal my fun Scattered Maple Leaves project to you!

I used a combination of the Harvest Song and Fleurish collections, and I just love the rich, warm colors.  This quilt was such fun to create, and the fall theme has me ready for some cooler weather!

The finished project measures 36 inches square, so it is a versatile size for a wall hanging or a table topper.  Mine is currently brightening up my breakfast area!  Of course, it would be a snap to increase the size if you're wanting a quilt to snuggle under.

The generous folks at Benartex are giving away a fat quarter bundle of the Harvest Song line!  To enter, just follow the Sew in Love With Fabric blog, then leave a comment to let me know how you're following!  The winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday and I'll announce the winner at next week's NTT!

Good luck, and I hope you'll hop over and check out the tutorial for Scattered Maple Leaves (after you link up to NTT, of course)!

So, let's check out the highlights from last week's party, shall we?  Elise at Lovelea Designs shared this fabulous rainbow ombre flying geese quilt.

Angie at Gnome Angel linked up this stunner.  I love the quilting and the illusion is amazing!

and Amanda at The Cozy Pumpkin showed off this giant tumbler quilt for her daughter.  Doesn't it look awesome on her bed?

There were so many beauties linked up this week, I had such a hard time choosing just three to showcase!

Okie dokie!  Let's do this thing!

(oh, and don't forget to check out my Scattered Maple Leaves tutorial and enter the giveaway!)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Little Boy Blue

As I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago, this little quilt top was an antique shop find for only ten dollars!  It was well made, and in very good condition with no rips or stains, and all it needed was a little TLC to finish it up.

The top was only 32 inches square, so I decided to add a border to it, which makes it 38 inches finished.  The Kona Navy really is perfect with it.  How could it not be with all of those shades of blue?

I was able to pull the Kona Navy, and all of the backing and binding fabrics from stash as well to finish it off.  I love when I can finish a quilt without buying more fabric.  That's always a little victory for me!

This binding fabric has to be one of my favorite parts of the quilt.  The print is a tiny snowball and nine patch pattern in shades of blue, and the shade is pretty darn close to the star point chambray fabric- perfect!

It was such an honor to be able to finish this treasure from the past, and it will be a perfect quilt to donate to a preemie little boy!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Strip Tango Quilt

Hey y'all, this tutorial was originally included in the Oh Sew Baby! tutorial series at Fort Worth Fabric Studio last summer, but it's been awhile, and I felt like it was time to include it here as well!

 This quilt is one of my favorite go-to quilts to make when I need a fast and fun baby quilt.  It's easy to put together, simple to vary, and is fat quarter friendly.  That's a win in my book!

 You'll need at least nine fat quarters for this quilt.  Trim your fat quarters to 20.5 inches.  Then from each fat quarter, cut four strips, 4.5 x 20.5 inches for a total of 36 strips.  You'll only need 35 strips for the quilt.  I prefer more fabric variety, so I used more prints.  That's totally up to you.  As long as you end up with 35 strips, you're good!

This quilt really is a snap to put together if you just remember a couple of important "rules."  First, one full strip length is equal to five strips sewn together in the opposite direction-

 This is going to be important to keep the proportions of your quilt correct.  Secondly, the quilt will measure 48 inches in width, which equals two full strip lengths, plus two "short sides" by 60 inches, which is three full strip lengths.

When I make this pattern, I always like to play around with the layout until I am happy with it, then take a picture.  Trust me, the picture can really help if your layout gets messed up. (ahem, pets and children anyone?)

I chose to lay my strips out into thirds.  Notice that the top third of the quilt has two horizontal strip sets, plus two vertical strips?  The other two thirds each only have one horizontal strip set, but seven vertical strips (remember, five vertical strips are equal to the width of one horizontal set).

Once you've decided on your layout, just start sewing your strips together in sections!  ps- I'm a quilting rebel and I do NOT press this until the very end.  Shhh...don't tell the quilt police!

Just join your sections together and, voila!  Your quilt top is finished!  The important thing to remember with this quilt is to have fun with it.  I like to think of it as a puzzle, but you get to decide where the pieces go!  The result is a modern, random look that appears more difficult than it really is.

This quilt is also really easy to modify to suit your size needs.  Bohemian Charm is another example of a quilt I've made with this pattern.  This one measures 60 x 64 inches, so it is three full strips in width by three full strips, plus one "short side" in length.  I did not choose to construct this one in thirds, and it's actually tough to tell where the different sections are, which I love!

The finished quilt measures 48 x 60 inches.  A perfect size for a baby, but still big enough to be useful for years!

I hope that the next time you need a quick baby quilt, you'll give Strip Tango a try!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NTT and a Little Fall Sewing

Happy (almost) Friday y'all!  The weather has turned from hot and muggy to crisp and absolutely gorgeous here, and I wish I could just move my whole class outside!  We're still in that time of year where autumn is trying to sneak in for a few days here and there, but not always consistently.  That's okay though.  I'll take this weather however I can get it!

I've been doing a little bit of fall sewing lately.  I can only give you a sneak peek, because I'm participating in a fall-themed blog hop and have written the tutorial for it.  You'll get the full reveal (with a fun giveaway) next Wednesday, so just hang tight!

In last week's party, Lin's Quilts shared her gorgeous finished Celtic Solstice quilt.

Sew Sunshine linked up this fun quilt- love the fuchsia background!

and Lori at Crossquilt showed off this flowering snowball quilt- it is so lovely!

How about it?  Do you have crisp, cool autumn weather yet?  Does it make you want to get down to some serious sewing?  I can't wait to see what you've been up to!  Let's party!

1.  You can link finished projects or WIP's , but just keep it about quilting and sewing!
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Eclectic Vibe

I finished up my modern cross quilt, made with Anna Maria Horner's Pretty Potent line last night and I must say that it has grown on me.

I still won't say that this one ranks amongst my favorites, but a finished quilt always looks better than an unfinished one, and I'm glad that I persevered to get it done.

Something my mom said actually made me view this quilt in a different light.  She said that this quilt looks like something you would find in the store Anthropologie, and I agree with her.  If you've never been in an Anthropologie store, they have an eclectic mix of clothing, home decor, and kitchen and bath items.  Everything in the store has a handmade, funky vibe.  I don't go in that store often, and I don't love every single thing in it, but just thinking of this quilt in that light makes me like it better.  It's almost like appreciating the quilt for the unique style it is, rather than disliking it for something it's not.

On the back, I used up all of the scraps, and if you look closely, you'll even see a few scraps left over from my mom's Dowry quilt.  I love that muted shade of yellow, and I think it sets off the darker colors really well.  The pattern is so small that I almost consider it a solid, and I was happy to find a fabric that could add a little balance to the color and pattern.

When I was trying to come up with a name for this quilt, I kept thinking that the fabrics have an eclectic vibe, so I decided to call it just that!

With all of the busy pattern and bold color, I knew this quilt needed a solid binding, and the Kona Berry is a perfect match to the rich, raspberry shade in the quilt.

All in all, even though this quilt isn't one of my absolute favorites (they can't all be), I am accepting this quilt for it's unique style, and since I'm selling it anyway, I'm sure that someone will love it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sneaking Up

Sorry for the later than usual post.  This week has been jam-packed with stuff, and this evening's party really sneaked up on me!  First thing's first- I owe you a giveaway winner of the Sherbet and Lace FQ bundle from Fort Worth Fabric Studio!

Comment number 189 was the lucky winner of this gorgeous bundle.

I sure like your ladder!!! I've been keeping my eye out for one and just can't quite seem to find THE one. I hope you share the completed top with us--what a great score! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations Samantha K!  I'll be contacting you soon via email, so be on the lookout!  

Remember, even though this bundle was created especially for this giveaway, Fort Worth Fabric Studio has it for sale for a limited time, so you can still get it!

I feel like my quilting has been moving at a slow pace lately with everything going on.  I just basted my Pretty Potent Crosses this evening, and I hope to finish it before the weekend.  Last week's party was filled with pretty quilty eye candy!  Check out a few of my favorites-

Megan at Tales of Ineptitude linked up these beautiful and fresh blocks.

Christine @ Triangles and Squares showed off her Indian Summer quilt.

and Lori @ Crossquilt finished up a couple of preemie quilts and her Sugar Block Club blocks!

Time to party, y'all!

1.  You can link finished projects or WIP's , but just keep it about quilting and sewing!
2. Link to your specific post (not to your home page!) to make it easier for others.
3. Please remember to spread the word and post my button or a text link.  
4. Spread the comment love far and wide!

5. Following me is not a requirement to link, but is so very appreciated!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pretty Potent Crosses

Over the summer, when I made Vintage Closet for my mom, I fell head over heels in love with the Anna Maria Horner Dowry collection.  About that same time, I got a little bit AMH-impulsive and I found a bundle of her Pretty Potent line on sale.  I was so excited when I ordered it, but when it came in, I just didn't love it.

I like the colors overall (although I wish there wasn't quite as much brown), but whereas I loved almost every single print in the Dowry line, there are several fabrics in this one that I could really do without.  There were even a few that I couldn't even bear to put in this quilt (someone will love them in my guild's next FQ swap).  I still think that AMH designs some of the most gorgeous fabrics around, but I'm just not in love with this collection.

That being said, I find AMH fabrics a little difficult to blend with others because of their boldness, so instead of breaking up the fat quarters and letting them sit for eons in my stash, I decided to just suck it up and turn that bundle into a quilt.  I think the modern cross pattern fits the feel of the prints pretty well, and I definitely like the fabrics as a whole collection much better than the individual parts.

All in all, this quilt is still not one of my favorite creations, but it does feel good to get that bundle off the shelf.  And it just might grow on me.

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